Can I Use a Le Creuset Grill Pan on a Glass Stovetop?

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Q: I just signed a lease for a new apartment, which I’m very excited about. I love the place, but the kitchen comes with a glass electric stovetop. I’ve invested in some good Le Creuset pieces over the last few years and they’ve become my go-to cookware. I use my grill pan alone three to four times a week sometimes!

What are the rules surrounding using this cookware on a glass stovetop?

Sent by Alden

Editor: I’ve always had a gas stove, so I haven’t dealt with this firsthand. The biggest concern is the glass cracking. But with that said, some people use this cookware on their glass stovetop with no problems, while others haven’t been so lucky.

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Readers, do you have any advice for Alden on using Le Creuset cookware on a glass stovetop?