Can I Still Use My Dark, Streaked Baking Sheet?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Q: I have some new 18-gauge aluminum baking sheets with no coating, shiny aluminum. They got put through the dishwasher and now are streaked and dark. I hesitate to use them again, because I think I’d get uneven heating due to the mottled dark streaks.

Can you tell what happened? Can I fix it? Should I use them as over-drip pans and get new baking sheets? Thank you.

Sent by Linda

Editor: Don’t worry, those baking sheets are still great! I think any uneven heating will be very negligible, and now the pressure’s off to keep them perfectly shiny. My battered and beat-up baking sheets do a better job of roasting meats and vegetables, actually, and they can also be great for using under the broiler. No need to get new ones at all!

Readers, any other advice on using streaky baking sheets?