Can I Make Soy Yogurt At Home? Good Questions

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Q: Is there a way to make soy yogurt at home? I don’t eat dairy and I love soy yogurt. But it’s fairly pricey in my area of the country, and I want to cut my food budget.

Has anyone successfully made it themselves?

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Editor: Squirrely, it seems that yes, you can make soy yogurt at home, but some people say that you do need to either buy a commercial yogurt starter, or use a bit of regular dairy yogurt. Using storebought soy yogurt as a starter sometimes doesn’t work. The most complete and helpful instructions we found on all this we found here:

Soy yogurt making instructions at Ellen’s Kitchen
SoyQuick yogurt instructions – These instructions say you can use storebought yogurt to start, but you also need to add some sugar.

We also found one other very unusual ingredient used as a soy yogurt starter at this site:

Do any of you have experience with making soy yogurt? Any good sources or resources for Squirrely?