Can I Make a Layer Cake With Rectangular Cakes?

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Q: I need to bake a cake for a baby shower I’m hosting. We’re expecting 35 to 45 people. I’m thinking about making two (or even three) cakes using my 9×13 pan, then frosting and stacking them on top of each other.

I’ve never seen anyone do this — and perhaps there is a reason? It seems like it could potentially look quite impressive and feed a lot of people, but will I run into structural problems with a stacked cake like this?

Sent by Ann

Editor: Ann, you can absolutely do this! We’ve done it numerous times. The reason, though, that it probably isn’t done as frequently is that, yes, it feeds a ton of people. Also, the larger cakes are a little more unwieldy than 9-inch cake rounds. Make sure you let the cake cool completely before frosting, and go slow. Also, don’t use a delicately-textured cake; look for something that has a little more strength. We would also recommend slicing off any domed top first so the cake layers don’t slither off each other.

But overall yes, this is an excellent and impressive way to make a layer cake. Here’s one step-by-step and set of recipes we really like, from House of Annie (pictured above). Take a look; her steps are helpful.

Our Favorite Layer Cake Recipe at House of Annie

(Image: House of Annie)