Can I Bake Potsticker Dumplings For Easy Wedding App?

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Q: I’m planning on making Rickshaw Dumplings for my wedding, which I am catering (because I am, apparently, insane), and I’m wondering if they’re something that could be baked as opposed to fried or steamed?

I’m not going to be doing the cooking on the day of, so I’m trying to prepare as much stuff ahead of time that can just be popped into the oven and baked for a few minutes before serving, so if you have any advice as to other things that I could make a zillion of and bake before serving, that would be great, too.

Sent by Sarah

Editor: Sarah, wow! That is indeed a big undertaking, but we like your choice of recipe. Those dumplings are delicious!

You can indeed bake potsticker dumplings, but they’ll have a different sort of texture — more crispy and crunchy, obviously. Here’s one recipe that calls for them to be baked:

If you bake them we would definitely recommend serving them with some sort of dipping sauce.

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Readers, any tips on the dumplings (or wedding catering) for Sarah?