Can a Countertop Oven Replace a Regular Oven?

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Q: Our small electric wall oven recently died and the company says the model was discontinued and they can’t fix it. Frustrating, but okay.

We are planning on a large kitchen renovation in the next year, so we are not too excited about spending over $1,000 to replace an oven we will replace again later, but we are still saving for that renovation.

My husband suggested getting a countertop convection/toaster oven to cover us for a while. Short of roasting a whole turkey, does it cover the basics temporarily? Would like to be able to roast vegetables, do some baking, and make a pizza basically. Thank you, wise Kitchn readers!

Sent by Carly

Editor: I love my countertop oven and made sure I got one large enough to fit a quarter baking sheet. It’s big enough to roast a chicken, a bunch of asparagus, and bake about eight cookies. We love it!

Readers, do you think a countertop oven is a good idea, and is there a model you would recommend?