Campfire Cooking: Easy Spice Kits

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Going camping and just want to take a few cooking spices without weighing down your gear? We spotted this ingenious solution over on the Instructables website. Take a look!

Here’s the link to the full tutorial:

Essentially, you find a small lightweight container and cut several straws down to a size that will fit. You fold one end of the straw closed, fill it with your spice, close the other end, and voila. A mini-spice kit!

We think this is a great idea not only for camping and backpacking, but also for anytime you’re planning on doing some cooking away from home. A little kit like this keeps spices neat and organized, and it allows you the luxury of bringing a variety of spices. If you’re flying, though, just make sure nothing looks too suspicious!

What spices do you like to take with you when camping?

(Image: thatoneguydavid via Instructables)