Camp in Style: Luxury Outdoor Gear from Snow Peak

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We have been known to roll our eyes at the concept of “glamping” (glamorous camping); isn’t roughing it part of the fun of outdoor excursions? But we must admit we’re pretty smitten with this beautiful range of outdoor furniture, cookware, and tableware from Snow Peak. The luxury branding – and price tag – might seem frivolous, but when you consider the thoughtful, long-lasting nature of the designs, we think they’re actually quite sensible.

Founded by Yamai Yukio in 1958, the Japanese company designs and manufactures outdoor furniture, kitchens, cookware, and other products and recently introduced its “Luxury Camping” line in the US. At the recent Dwell on Design show in Los Angeles, we were particularly drawn to Snow Peak’s bamboo tables, an iron grill table with modular, customizable components, and beautifully simple tools, from handcrafted wooden bowls to collapsible chopsticks to a portable cutting board and knife combo. If glamping means supporting timeless design, we’re all for it!

Visit Snow Peak to see the full range of outdoor cooking and dining equipment.

(Images: Emily Ho, Snow Peak)