Cambria’s Playlist: My Mostly Mellow Indie Dinner Party Mix, With Some Pep & Quirk

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In college, my roommates and I had spontaneous dance parties where we’d all bust a move (and bust out laughing), but nowadays my dance moves are limited to shimmying slowly to the couch to avoid spilling my glass of wine. To that end, my dinner party playlist is a mostly laid-back affair — mellow enough that everyone can easily talk over it, but not too chill that you feel like falling asleep. But to keep things interesting, I do like a little pep in the midst of my male indie crooners. Give me a syncopated violin line, please, a jazz riff, maybe even a scratchy classic before we go back to Sigur Rose and M. Ward.

Cambria’s Mostly Mellow Indie Party Playlist

  1. Separator – Radiohead
  2. Transfiguration #1 – M. Ward
  3. Source No. 1 (Guido’s Pad) – André Previn
  4. Everybody Knows – Ryan Adams
  5. Beyond the Sea – Django Reinhardt
  6. Easier – Grizzly Bear
  7. Agaetis Byrjun – Sigur Ros
  8. Desperation Breeds – Andrew Bird
  9. Enchanting Ghost – Sufjan Stevens
  10. High Low Middle – My Brightest Diamond
  11. Pink Moon – Nick Drake
  12. Sitting on the Dock of the Bay – Otis Redding
  13. I’d Rather Dance With You – Kings of Convenience
  14. The Arctic Circle – Final Fantasy
  15. Modern Man – Arcade Fire
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