Why You Should Still Treat Yourself Even If You Failed at The Cooking Cure

Why You Should Still Treat Yourself Even If You Failed at The Cooking Cure

Cambria Bold
Mar 24, 2014
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Day 16: Get yourself a treat to have with dinner (you deserve it!) But do I really? Let's discuss.

If you've been (attempting) to follow my liveblogging of The Cooking Cure, you've probably noticed I've posted nothing new since Day 7, the middle of Lunch Week. And it's Day 16 today. That's not so much "liveblogging" as "totally nonexistent blogging." What gives, you ask?

As it happened, a personal emergency took me away from work, regular life, and The Cooking Cure for a week and a half. Now that I'm back on my feet, I think: isn't that always the way? Just when you get a good thing going, something creeps in and throws you completely off-course. Two steps forward, five steps back, indeed.

So here I am, staring the last week of The Cooking Cure in the face, and thinking whether or not I really deserve to give myself a treat today given that I petered out on The Cooking Cure halfway through. It wasn't intentional, and I couldn't really help it given the circumstances, but still, there's this little judgmental voice inside me that says, no, I should not treat myself to ice cream tonight because I didn't play by the rules.

There will always be circumstances that get in the way of the very best-laid cooking plans: last-minute meetings, unexpected illnesses, sold-out ingredients at the store. When plans go awry, how do you respond? Do you retreat and feel like giving up (me) or do you regroup and try again?

That's always been the big picture behind The Cooking Cure — how to start over, or how to rekindle our interest in cooking and get us all in the kitchen every day. And that's a process that goes way beyond these four weeks. It takes time to develop new habits, and there are many setbacks along the way. Instead of the be-all-end-all, we should think of these four weeks as a starter course, a structure to get us back on track, but one that we must go back to and continue to tweak as the months go on. That's how we get better.

So, when it comes to treating myself, I could be a stickler and say that I didn't do all the tasks, hence it's gruel and burned veggies for me tonight! It's been a tough couple of weeks, and there's no doubt that on the surface I "failed" at The Cooking Cure. But tonight I'm going to forget about all that, and see a special treat as a way of recommitting to the habits I was in the process of forming before I got derailed.

How about you?

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