Caitlin and Levi’s Youthful Yet Modern Kitchen

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Combining their youthful sense of style with a modern loft — Caitlin and Levi created a festive and fun space in their kitchen. Through the use of what’s old, new, funky and colorful they achieved exactly what they were after. They were also able to find some of the coolest tiles for their backsplash too!

Caitlin and Levi moved into their Los Angeles loft and were excited to be moving into a modern space. They previously lived in a bungalow and even though this space was much smaller than what they were used to — they certainly made the best of it. They painted a wall using chalkboard paint, originally used for making grocery and to-do lists. They had a party one night and their friends took advantage of the chalkboard wall and drew self portraits and other fun things. They decided it was too good to be washed away and left it as art!

The cabinets and appliances are as modern as they come, but we really love the backsplash. It’s whimsical, unique and eclectic — much like the residents themselves. Using the Ripple tile from Mio, they created a super fun backsplash that adds an element of surprise to the space. We really love the cereal dispensers, too. They would be really great for family households that run through cereal.

Images: Bethany Nauert