The Surprising Bathroom Accessory That Makes Any Kitchen Feel Instantly “Fancy”

published Feb 4, 2024
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Luxe kitchen upgrades, like Cafe Appliances and colorful Smeg refrigerators, are trending right now in a major way — and it’s hard not to see why. With French doors that open side by side, a sleek design, bright colors, and seemingly endless customization options, it’s no wonder they’re all the rage. However, you might not be looking to drop a few thousand dollars for the look (who can blame you?). Plus, if your current refrigerator is in great condition, why fix what isn’t broken? TikToker and DIY design expert Kelly Cousineau (@homeonarborpointe) gave her fridge a makeover to create a “DIY Cafe fridge” — all with one bathroom staple you may already have in your house.

In the video, Cousineau thoroughly cleans the surface of the fridge to remove any grease stains, food residue, and fingerprints, then adds a coat of primer as a base before adding three coats of white paint. You might not necessarily need three coats, but because her fridge was black, the extra layers were crucial. In a subsequent video, she also mentioned using “regular flat paint,” reiterating that there is no need to spend on high-end appliance paint. And while she used white paint, you can opt for any color (think: teal, neutral beige, or even a retro orange). You can always paint over your fridge again if you don’t like it! Here are more tips on how to paint your refrigerator.

The creator decided to build a wooden platform to fill in some space, but you can certainly skip that part. After removing the original handles from the fridge, she then attached towel racks as the new handles to mimic the design of the Cafe refrigerators. The process of removing the handles of your refrigerator may be different from fridge to fridge, but you may need some mounting fasteners or studs to install the towel racks.

How ingenious! And I’m not the only one who thinks so. Other TikTok users swarmed the comments to express their appreciation for the hack, even offering some suggestions of their own. “Amazing!!” said one user. “I have the Cafe one and I promise yours looks better.” Another commenter shared, “I will be doing this, but I think I will use contact paper.” 

The best part? Towel racks come in all shapes and sizes — even at the dollar store — so it really comes down to personal preference, whether it’s brushed gold or a funky red. Or maybe you’re more of a brass handle person — it’s totally up to you!

Get creative, because you really can’t go wrong! This simple DIY hack goes to show that giving your kitchen a refresh certainly doesn’t have to break the bank — and that even the things you don’t think you can upgrade, can be totally transformed with just a few simple changes. 

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