Cadbury Has Released 371 White Chocolate Creme Eggs

published Jan 4, 2018
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(Image credit: Cadbury)

What’s that sound? Oh nothing, just everyone on the planet rushing to the stores to pick up the latest candy. What candy could cause such a rush? The one and only Cadbury Egg. This cult candy has wooed us for years, and the latest release has people very excited. Cadbury Creme Eggs now come in white chocolate, but it definitely won’t be easy to get your hands on one.

Okay, so with good news there’s always bad news, right? According to the Independent, although these new eggs will be hitting shelves this season, only 371 of them are being made. And it gets worse: You won’t know what package they’re in! That’s right — they have all been blind-wrapped to match the more traditional milk chocolate offering and are mixed into shipments headed to stores everywhere.

The rational side of my brain knows that this is just a clever marketing ploy to get me to purchase more Cadbury Eggs than usual this year and the more outspoken side of my brain is screaming, “WHO CARES! TO THE STORE WE GO! BUY ALL THE EGGS!”

Obviously, your chances of finding one are slim and equate to that old needle in a haystack phrase (which I never really understood, as sitting atop a haystack seems like the least intelligent place I can think of to do some sewing), but that doesn’t mean many of us won’t play along.

Did you know you can order an entire case of them from Amazon ? I mean just in case you’re serious about upping your chances of winning! After all, according to Good Housekeeping you could win up to $1,300 if you find one. It’s like Willy Wonka’s Golden Ticket all over again, so let the hunting begin! You have until the beginning of April to find them, and then, supposedly, they’ll stop being produced.