This $14 Amazon Buy Will Help You Take Control of Your Cabinets

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In the quest for a more organized kitchen, we’ll try anything (even Pinterest hacks we immediately have to undo). Through lots of trial and error, we’ve learned that some organization tools are just another way to fill your kitchen with more stuff. But sometimes a tool is the small-but-mighty solution needed to whip even the most impossibly cluttered space into shape. In those cases, yay! And double yay if that tool happens to be on sale!

Right now, we’re talking about this over-the-cabinet-door rack.

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At just $14, it’s a sturdy, inexpensive storage solution for a number of things that tend to cause chaos under sinks and in cabinets. Deep enough to hold several cutting boards, baking sheets, and even muffin tins, it keeps them from sliding around or falling over in a cabinet. It also prevents you from having to stack trays and cutting boards, which also means you don’t have to do the annoying shuffle to find that one thing you happen to be looking for.

It does more than just store flat kitchen essentials, too. It also happens to be the ideal size for standard boxes of plastic wrap and aluminum foil. One crafty Amazon reviewer even figured out how to use it to store smaller liquor bottles in a home bar.

Installation also couldn’t be easier: Just hang it over a cabinet door. If you’d rather not have the hanging hooks peeking out (or you want to hang it on a wall in a pantry), you can also attach the rack with screws instead.

Bonus pick: This adjustable bakeware rack, which can even be made to accommodate cake pans, is another Amazon home organization favorite, and only $4 more at $18.