Smart Knife Storage: Hide the Knife Rack Under the Cabinets!

published Mar 22, 2012
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When a reader recently left a comment stating that they had made a great under-the-cabinet knife rack, I didn’t think much of it until I saw the genius that it truly was. Instead of putting a rack on your backsplash (which still prohibits you from putting anything in front of it), check out this under-cabinet trick!

Kaela over at Local Kitchen left us a great tip a few days ago when we were busy chatting about awkward kitchen spaces. She mentioned a way of storing her knives that although sounded less than unusual turned out to be anything but.

Kaela mounted her magnetic knife block to the bottom of her upper cabinets instead of on her backsplash. All the handles face out allowing you to see what you’re grabbing and they keep the counters free for other things. Even though a wall mounted knife rack doesn’t take up much real estate, you can’t exactly put jars of pantry essentials like flour against them without having to move them anytime you need a knife!

This solution works out brilliantly and is perfect for small spaces or anyone needing a little more prep space. If you have metal cabinets, skip the bar and try plain old magnets instead!

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(Image: Local Kitchen)