Buzzfeed Tried Five Gross Vintage Recipes (So You Don’t Have To)

(Image credit: Buzzfeed)

It might be entertaining to browse through vintage recipes (they put everything in Jell-O!), but what if you actually had to make and eat them?

The editors at Buzzfeed Life took one for the team and made and tasted five different vintage recipes, just to see if any of them held up. Spoiler alert: they didn’t.

The team tried Frosted Ribbon Loaf (ham, hard boiled eggs, and mustard “frosted” in cream cheese), Sequin Salad (vinegar soaked cauliflower and peppers suspended in lime Jell-O), an Olive-Cheese Porcupine (basically a cheese log shaped like a porcupine), Seafood Mousse II (self-explanatory and disgusting), and Ham & Banana Hollandaise (also self-explanatory and disgusting).

Check out the piece to see their reviews of each recipe, and some great reaction GIFs.