You Can Now Buy an Oreo Cookie Club Subscription on Amazon

published Jan 16, 2018
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(Image credit: Brent Hofacker)

There’s nothing like the excitement of getting a care package. These special boxes full of surprise snacks and random treats were one of the best things about summer camp and college, and it’s not fair that they tend to stop showing up once a person turns 30.

But now there’s a new Oreo Cookie Subscription Box service you can get on Amazon, and it’s basically like signing up to receive a care package of cookies every month.

Each month Amazon’s new Oreo Cookie Club Subscription Box sends two different flavors of Oreo treats. Sometimes they’re a new flavor and sometimes they’re a familiar favorite. Every box also comes with “fun Oreo swag” and a recipe.

Over on Amazon, one early adopter gave the box five stars. That person said the January box included Hot & Spicy Cinnamon Oreos — a new flavor — and also a package of Chocolate Hazelnut Oreos. The box also included two packages of Oreo-flavored hot cocoa mix, a recipe for Cinnamon Oreo Mug Cake, and what looks like a pair of Oreo-print socks. Also, the whole thing apparently came shrink-wrapped to protect it from the snow, which seems like a very good idea right now.

There’s an element of risk inherent to any subscription box service, but there’s a lot of potential variation in these Oreo boxes. The two Oreo varieties can be cookies or chocolate snacks, so you could really get just about anything. The “Oreo swag” is even more mysterious. Hats, games, and mugs are among the examples of things that can arrive, but really, you’re rolling the dice with that one.

The service comes in three-, six-, and 12-month subscriptions, and they cost about $20 a box. As Brand Eating points out, two boxes of Oreos generally run about $6, so you’d basically be paying $14 for the Oreo-themed gift, the recipe card, and the element of surprise. Still, getting a big mystery box of Oreos every month does sound like a lot of fun, and you can even sign someone else up as a gift for any Oreo-lovers in your life.

Do you want to join the Oreo Cookie Club?