Butter Tub from Mosser Glass

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We still haven’t found quite the right thing for our butter. We use a lot of butter on our bread, scones, and muffins, and we don’t refrigerate it. We find that leaving good fresh butter out in a covered dish is just fine, but we aren’t really liking any of our current options for storing this essential dairy condiment. But this butter tub really caught us.

The tub is hand-crafted by Mosser Glass in Cambridge, Ohio (hey, local!) and sold by Urban Indigo. It looks handsome enough to leave out on the sideboard or dining table all the time, and big enough for a stick or two of butter.

• Find it! Butter Tub, $22.50 at Urban Indigo

What do you keep your butter in?

(Image: Urban Indigo)