Butternut Squash Deserves a Place in Your Deviled Eggs

(Image credit: Sarah Menanix)

With all the holiday parties this season brings, I’m willing to bet you’ll be serving a platter of deviled eggs to hungry guests at some point. Allow me to introduce a twist on the classic appetizer: butternut squash and bacon deviled eggs. Yes, you definitely want this recipe.

The addition of roasted and puréed butternut squash in this recipe is ingenious; not only does it add depth of flavor, but it also adds a vibrant yellow hue to the egg yolk filling.

The crumbled bacon on top is just the icing on the proverbial cake. I mean, what food doesn’t benefit from a sprinkling of crispy bacon?

This year, be a little adventurous with your appetizer offerings. Your friends and family will surely thank you.

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