The Decadent Nut Butter That Pulls Me Through the Mid-Day Slump

updated Jul 27, 2020
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Credit: Quentin Bacon

The Kitchn office is a munchies mecca, especially for a perennial snacker like me. But ever since we transitioned to WFH, I have been struggling to keep the mid-afternoon hunger pangs at bay, looking for a satisfying snack that’s relatively high in nutrition but requires minimal effort to pull together. Initially, my go-to was a fuss-free peanut butter and jelly sandwich, but I quickly got bored with the familiar flavors that have been a staple since I was five. On a recent Amazon prowl, I discovered Butterfly’s Rosemary Nut Butter, which is organically made in Los Angeles using a blend of raw nuts and rosemary leaves. I’m currently on my fourth jar of this tasty treat, and it’s indisputably become my favorite snack ever.

I have long been a nut butter fan, but Butterfly’s Rosemary nut butter is unlike anything I have ever tasted before, thanks to the delightful yet herby kick of rosemary that makes it so decadent. While peanut butter and almond butter often have a claggy texture, this nut butter is lightweight, creamy and smooth, spreading easily on everything from grainy Ezekiel toast to bumpy rice cakes to apple slices. If I want my toast savory, I top it with feta cheese; if I’m looking to satiate a sweet craving, a dollop of honey will do. I even add the nut butter to my morning smoothies, and it beautifully transforms the rather boring mix of spinach and berries into a luscious shake with a scrumptious aftertaste. But truth be told, the nut butter tastes best when eaten by the spoonful directly out of the jar.

Another thing I love about Butterfly’s Rosemary Nut Butter is that it contains no unnecessary processed sugar or additives. The ingredient list is simple yet clean: raw walnuts, raw cashews, raw macadamia nuts, MCT oil, rosemary leaves and unrefined sea salt. The nut butter is also keto and paleo-proof, which means it’s high in protein and has just the right amount of fuel I need to get over a lazy mid-day slump.

While the Rosemary Nut Butter is my hands-down favorite, Butterfly also stocks three other flavors: Cinnamon Vanilla, Chocolate Reishi, and Classic. (The Chocolate Reishi pairs especially well with berries and bananas.) No matter which you choose, they’re all equally delightful and a must for any hangry snacker’s mid-day lineup.