Butter Shortage Leaves France’s Croissant Production at Risk

updated May 24, 2019
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(Image credit: Milan Mosna)

Despite having its roots in Austria, the croissant is associated with one European nation in particular: France. And now, courtesy of a looming butter shortage, the country may soon find themselves with dwindling amounts of the pastry. Mon dieu!

Butter, which makes up 25 percent of the pastry’s ingredients, has seen a 92 percent increase in price. The price of butter is slated to double what it cost last year this time.

“We’re worried that we may no longer even be able to find butter in the next few months because supplies are running short and we could be forced to halt production,” Matthieu Labbé of the Federation of French Bakeries (FEB) tells the Guardian.

Part of the price uptick is because of decreased milk yields in Europe, reports the Guardian. What’s more, French farmers reportedly claim powdered milk is depressing prices further.

Armelle Farve, a representative from the FEB, told the Local that a greater demand for milk in Asian countries is a factor. The increased demand, coupled with the fact that milk is used to make other dairy goods like cheese and cream, leaves butter in a bad place.

“At best, consumers are going to have to pay more,” Labbé says. “At worst, we may no longer be able to get butter.”