The Ingenious $18 Find That Will Keep Cheese and Butter Fresh Longer

published Jan 19, 2024
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Credit: Joe Lingeman

If you’re a dairy lover, chances are you have butter and cheese lying around in your fridge. These ingredients are staples in countless recipes, and they tend to make everything taste so good. However, the challenge lies in storing these ingredients once they’ve been sliced. The exposed ends often succumb to loss of flavor, dryness, or the dreaded “refrigerator flavor.” But fear not, because we’ve uncovered a solution — these silicone huggers designed to embrace the opened ends of your butter and cheese, ensuring they stay fresh and delicious for as long as possible.

Say goodbye to the hassle of cling wrap, as these huggers offer a faster and less wasteful solution. Not only do they preserve flavor and moisture, but they stretch to cover your food tightly. Elevate your dairy storage with these innovative huggers, and ensure every slice of butter and cheese retains its moment of glory, even after returning to the fridge.

What Are the Butter and Cheese Huggers?

These silicone huggers redefine dairy storage by discreetly covering the open ends of butter and cheese, extending freshness and preventing flavor loss. Unlike traditional cling wrap, which can be a huge hassle, this set of five huggers offers a quicker and more sustainable solution to dairy storage. Each hugger comes in a different size, effortlessly stretching to cover various dairy goods securely. Crafted from BPA- and phthalate-free silicone, these unique huggers eliminate the risk of “refrigerator flavor” and keep your butter and cheese at their flavorful best.

Credit: Uncommon Goods

What Uncommon Goods Reviewers Are Saying

“We use the butter and cheese huggers all the time; at least one is always in use in our refrigerator. The butter hugger works well on long vegetables as well, and the cheese hugger even covered a pack of cream cheese for us. I highly recommend it; I wish we had more!” — Willow

“Easy to use, and love that they’re dishwasher safe. The variety of sizes is great. Silicone is definitely thicker than I expected, but in a good way — it seems like they’ll last a while. I definitely appreciated the recyclable packaging, too.” — Eco Friendly Carol

“My grandma always saves half a piece of cheese or butter, but they always go bad before she can finish them! This product was a perfect stocking stuffer for her, so she never had to waste food again!” — Molly T

Priced at just $18 for a set of five in different sizes, these silicone huggers are a steal. Ditch the unreliable plastic wrap and invest in these durable huggers for your favorite food products instead. Your butter and cheese will stay fresh and flavorful for longer, and who doesn’t want that?