Don’t Have a Bundt Pan? Try This DIY Hack.

published Jul 28, 2021
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Credit: Maria Midoes

For those of us who don’t bake often, a Bundt pan is one of those things you never think you’re going to need until all of a sudden you see a Jell-O mold or lemon pound cake that you absolutely must try out. And because (as already discussed) we don’t bake much, we’re hardly the type to think we can adapt on the fly. Thankfully Jocelyn Delk Adams of Grandbaby Cakes posted a brilliant kitchen hack on Instagram this week that solves exactly this problem. 

Previously, she’s shown us incredible tricks for browning butter for frosting and making absurdly light, fluffy waffles. She also has a ton of really killer recipes for pound cake — like this Southern cream cheese one — that require a Bundt pan. The Bundt pan is necessary for certain types of light, delicate cakes or moist, heavy cakes that would otherwise just cave in the middle — it solves that problem by simply not having a center so the cake can cook evenly without collapsing. 

Instead of freaking out or buying another thing you don’t need that’s bulky and takes up a ton of space, just trust Jocelyn’s smiling face on Instagram when she says, “Hey, boos.” She deftly demonstrates how to put together a quick makeshift Bundt pan from stuff you probably already have on hand in the kitchen. 

It’s an absurdly simple setup, but one that I would probably never think of on my own. Use a regular round cake pan for the base, then place an empty, clean can (remember to remove the label and any adhesive!) in the center. Fill the can with rice to weigh it down, then spray the whole thing with nonstick spray and you’re ready to fill the pan with batter and start baking. Brilliant!

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