Bulgur for Breakfast, Anyone?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Speaking of hot breakfasts for cold mornings, what do you think of bulgur for breakfast? We’re thinking this super-quick-cooking grain would be perfect for busy mornings this fall and winter.

The beauty of bulgur is that it’s technically already cooked. All we have to do is add hot liquid, let it stand for a few minutes, and it’s ready to eat. This makes it just as fast, if not faster, than instant oatmeal and definitely easier than a bowl of steel-cut oats.

We’re curious how the nutty, earthy flavor would do as a breakfast food. We’re used to pairing it with tomatoes, mushrooms, and lentils, and wonder if it would pair as well with milk, honey, and fruit. Of course, we could always keep it savory, but our usual breakfast tends to be sweeter.

We found a few recipes to get us started:

Breakfast Bulgur Porridge from Martha Stewart
Breakfast Bulgur with Pears from Food.com
Bulgur Scrambled Eggs from Mr. Breakfast

Do you like bulgur for breakfast? How do you make it?

(Image: Martha Stewart)