Build a Kitchen Island Out of Plumbing Supplies & IKEA Butcher Block

(Image credit: Ryan Benyi/This Old House)

Home improvement magazines like This Old House have been my airplane reading of choice ever since our huge home gut renovation last summer (see how my kitchen turned out here). So on a flight to New York yesterday I opened up my latest issue of TOH, with pleasure, but almost dropped it in my club soda when I saw this truly gorgeous kitchen island project.

This kitchen island is just beautiful, in that industrial-esque way that is so popular right now. It’s also very functional, with wheels to let you move the island around, sturdy shelves for storage, and hooks for hanging pots.

The best thing, though, is that this project comes with very detailed instructions and the simplest of materials: threaded pipe from the hardware store, and inexpensive butcher block countertop from IKEA that you can stain to any color you like. (And their butcher block is good stuff — we actually used it in our bathroom!)

This Old House estimates that, when all is said and done, this project will cost you about $490, which is not cheap, but that cost could probably be cut down with some savvy shopping. They also provide detailed diagrams and dimensions, in case you want to take this on yourself.

Get the instructions How to Build a Butcher-Block Island at This Old House

Have you ever built an island or a piece of furniture for the kitchen? How did you go about it?

(Image: Ryan Benyi/This Old House)