I Tried This Viral Mosquito Bite Solution and Now I’ll Never Leave Home Without It

published Jun 19, 2023
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Ever since I can remember I’ve been something of a mosquito magnet. In fact, over the years it’s become a bit of a running joke in my family because it seems that as soon as I step outside in the summer, I’m swatting and slapping these pests away. Alongside being purely aggravating, when I get bit they always tend to turn into welts, which I inevitably can’t help but scratch to the point that they scar (apologies in advance to my dermatologist).

In the past, I’ve tried every solution under the sun, from sprays and incense to oils and devices that promise to keep mosquitos at bay — all to no effect. That is, however, until I came across the aptly named Bug Bite Thing. Designed to make treating bug bites quick and painless (pun intended), this little gadget completely transformed the way I approach mosquito season for good — and I’m confident it’ll do the same for you, too.

What is the Bug Bite Thing?

Lightweight, compact, and reusable, the Bug Bite Thing is the chemical-free bug bite solution you’ve been looking for. It’s meant to be used directly after an insect bite or sting. It uses suction to remove any venom, saliva, or stingers left behind by bugs post-bite. This in turn stops your body from reacting to these irritants, meaning no itching, stinging, or swelling. To use simply place it over your bite, pull the two side levers to create a suction, and wait 10 to 20 seconds. Once enough time has passed, release the tool from your skin and you’re good to go!

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Why I Love the Bug Bite Thing

Now I’ll admit, when I first got the Bug Bite Thing I was skeptical as to whether or not it would work. Oh me of little faith. I decided to put it to the test somewhere I knew was a consistent mosquito den — the patio set beneath the grapevine in my family’s backyard. Like clockwork, once the day turned to night the mosquitos came out and began to feast. The second I felt an itch, I grabbed my purse, pulled out the Bug Bite Thing, and got to work removing the venom. Much to my disbelief, it actually worked. The welt? Gone in minutes. The itch? Non-existent. I wondered to myself, “Could it really be that easy?” Apparently so.

The Bug Bite Thing comes in at just $10 for one and $25 for a pack of three, making it a more than reasonable bug bite solution, especially when you take its reusability into account. With this tool on hand, I can finally enjoy my summers outdoors without suffering from mosquito attacks. Suffice to say, I’m never leaving home without one this summer.

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