Buffalo Mozzarella, Compostable Bags, and Cheap FoodTop food news for March 31-April 6

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Here we are with the weekly roundup in food news! Read all about a ban on buffalo mozzarella, compostable bags, and resources for cheap food behind the jump.

Japanese health agencies discovered high levels of dioxin in buffalo mozzarella cheese and have banned all Italian imports of buffalo mozzarella.

In 2007, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors voted to ban plastic shopping bags, so we haven’t seen them in a while. However, while shopping at Trader Joe’s last week, we were surprised to see them offering a choice of plastic bags – they never did this before the ban. We looked closer, and it wasn’t a plastic bag – it was a compostable shopping bag that’s supposed to go in your compost bin when you get home. What a neat idea!

Recently, the Svalbard Global Seed Vault officially opened. It’s a seed bank built into the side of a mountain on the Norwegian island of Spitsbergen, up in the Arctic. The vault is currently storing the seeds of over 10,000 plant species. Hopefully we’ll never need to use it, but in the event of global catastrophe or banana collapse, we have a way to rebuild our food supply.

The Japanese Cabinet is taking steps to reduce the number of disposable chopsticks that fill landfills annually and are encouraging people to use reusable chopsticks.

California produces almost 80% of the world’s almonds, and farmers are worried that the 2008 crop may be poor due to Colony Collapse Disorder.

Our friends at Slashfood wrote up a great post on cheap food resources with the coming recession in mind.

How will tighter immigration laws affect our food harvest? As it becomes harder for migrant workers to secure the proper paperwork to legally work on farms in the USA, farmers are having to shut down farms due to lack of workers in the fields.

Stonyfield Farms has recalled containers of organic blueberry yogurt as glass beads have been found in them.

“The recall affects 6-ounce cups of Stonyfield organic fat-free blueberry yogurt, product code 0-52159-00044-8, with these dates printed along the cups’ bottoms: April 13, 2008; April 14, 2008; April 15, 2008; April 25, 2008; and April 26, 2008.”