Budget Tip: Instantly Age Supermarket Balsamic Vinegar For Higher Quality Taste

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Good balsamic vinegar goes a long way when drizzled on fresh fruit, over ice cream, or on picked salad greens. However, it also costs a bundle. So the next time you find yourself trying to decide between the good stuff and, say, the rest of the groceries in your cart, try revving up a bottle of the cheap stuff instead with this simple budget tip!

America’s Test Kitchen demonstrated this smart tip on their blog and we can’t wait to try it. When you reduce supermarket variety balsamic along with a little sugar and port over very low heat, what results is a concentrated version worthy of a higher price tag. Try using it with these recipes:

How do you use really great balsamic vinegar?

Watch the video: How to Instantly Age Supermarket Balsamic Vinegar at America’s Test Kitchen