Wow! This $7 Upgrade Instantly Brightened Up My Kitchen.

published Mar 17, 2023
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Credit: Lauren Kolyn

I’ve been looking for fun, easy ways to add color and texture to my tiny rental kitchen. I have already added some bright hand towels, colorful cookware, and yellow glass soap dispensers from Drew Barrymore’s new Grove Collaborative Fresh Home collection. I’d been toying with replacing my kitchen cabinet knobs, and when one fell off and rolled off to who-knows-where (my cat might), I figured now was the time to make an upgrade.

I browsed my local hardware store before turning to Amazon for cheaper options in more colors. I was looking for something playful, simple, and bright, when I found them: the cutest little wooden cabinet knobs, for only $7.99. I normally wouldn’t buy something on Amazon that didn’t have any reviews, but I figured it was a pretty low-risk situation. All I had left to do was pick my color.

The six-pack of mushroom-shaped knobs come in a pastel lavender (my choice), a sky blue, a lime green, and a pastel pink. All of the colors were so vibrant, it was hard to choose which would look best with my white cabinets, but once I did, they arrived in a few short days, and it was time to get to work.

Credit: Quinn Fish

Arguably the best part of this project was how quick it was start-to-finish. As a novice DIY-er, all I had to do was unscrew the current knobs and screw the new knobs on with the screws they came with. The entire knob swap took under 10 minutes.

Not only was this quick project 100 percent renter-friendly, but swapping out my cabinet knobs also refreshed my kitchen in the simplest way. I have to note that the lavender knobs do remind me of Minnie Mouse’s house in Disneyland (a cherished childhood memory), but I’m not mad about it. They’d look amazing on colorful cabinets with a bit more contrast, and I love that they just bring a touch of joy (and color) to my space. 

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