Bubbly & Small Bites: A Dressed-Up Buffet for an Oscars Party

Bubbly & Small Bites: A Dressed-Up Buffet for an Oscars Party

Emma Christensen
Feb 21, 2013

The Oscars are here! The Oscars are here! If epic movies and sparkly floor-length gowns are your scene, then we know exactly where we'll find you this weekend. How's about a glass of bubbly and a decked-out spread of nibbles to go with your evening of red carpet glam?

Beet Picked Deviled Eggs

The Scene:

The Oscars are a night of glam and sparkles, so it makes sense to add some romance to the table as well. Champagne is a must, of course, with a ginger ale punch for those who don't want to imbibe. The popcorn also feels like a requisite for a movie-themed event, though I like the idea of stepping up the game with this salted chocolate version. The rest of the spread is an assortment of easy nibbles when wandering by the table during commercial breaks and more substantive bites when dinner time rolls around.

Salted Dark Chocolate Popcorn

Make It Happen:

The aim here is to have most everything finished before the guests arrive, so you can spend your time gossiping about red carpet mishaps instead of standing by the stove. The most you'll need to do during the party itself is warm things up and replenish the table as needed:

The day or the morning before your party, make the gougères and freeze them for later — you can bake these off as you need them during the party. Ditto with the meatballs, the roasted strawberries, the components for the chicken sliders. 

You can also make ahead the deviled eggs, the compote for the feta cheese, and the chocolate popcorn. Don't forget to put the puff pastry for the strawberries squares in the fridge to thaw overnight. The prosciutto-wrapped arugula is the only thing that really needs to be done last minute.

The day of your party, it's assembly time. Clear a big table in the back of the room and set it with a pretty table cloth. With a buffet like this, it's nice to have the platters on different levels so it's easy to both see everything and grab what you want. Cake stands are handy for this, but you can also use oatmeal tins covered with a napkin, wide-mouthed vases, and the like. If you have twinkly lights, now is the time to use them.

Set out all the cold appetizers and wait until the first guests arrive to start cooking the warm foods, starting with the feta cheese (because its crazy delicious). Go ahead and make the roasted strawberry squares early in the evening — they'll taste great even once they cool.

From then on out, just make sure the bubbly keeps flowing and have yourself a grand old time!

What will you be serving at your Oscars party this weekend?

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