The Last Thing You Should Do with That Bubble Wrap That Came in the Mail

published Nov 24, 2021
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person holding bubble wrap
Credit: leungchopan/Shutterstock

It’s common this time of year to have a lot of bubble wrap left over. (After all, it is gift-giving season, and we’re all taking advantage of savings from those early Black Friday deals.) While spending the afternoon popping those tiny little bubbles might seem fun, we’ve got a super-handy tip for an even better way to use it.

What’s more, this idea is perfect for right now — this week! We have a smart way to reuse some of that bubble wrap you got in the mail. Are you ready? Of course you are! And not wanting to burst your bubble (ha, ha!), we’re going to tell you … soon.

Credit: Sarah Crowley

First, we’ve got to set the scene. Imagine this: Your mom volunteered to whip up her full dazzling Turkey Day menu and bake her delicious apple pie like she always does. The least you can do this Thanksgiving? Bring over a pint (or two) of vanilla ice cream. Because straight-from-the-oven apple pie needs vanilla ice cream just as much as turkey needs stuffing.

Credit: Sarah Crowley

Use Leftover Bubble Wrap to Keep Ice Cream Cool During Transit

Here’s where that bubble wrap comes in. Take a piece and reuse it as convenient insulation to keep your ice cream cold enough for the car ride to your Thanksgiving destination. Roll the bubble wrap around the pint, put it in a small cooler packed with ice, and bring a little bit of frozen, festive cheer — without any fears of it melting.

Your ice cream will arrive intact. Plus, you’ll look so smart reusing that bubble wrap before it hits the recycling bin. And if you’re lucky enough to leave with some of mom’s Thanksgiving leftovers, you can use that bubble wrap to help protect the container with the pie. Happy Thanksgiving!

What do you do with leftover bubble wrap? Tell us your clever ideas in the comments below.