This Tiny $5 3-in-1 Gadget Instantly Solved My Grossest Kitchen Cleaning Problem

published Jan 30, 2024
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person using 3-in-1 bottle brush
Credit: Shifrah Combiths

With a family of seven — some of whom are quite attached to their emotional support water bottles (yes, I’m one of them) — cleaning water bottles properly is a thing in our household. When we remodeled the kitchen in our new home, we even had a glass rinser installed to help cut down on the 11 minutes (!!) a day it would take me to wash all our water bottles. I do my best to deep-clean them weekly, using food-safe citric acid to soak them. But, I found, there was just one problem: There’s one part of the water bottle that never felt fully clean. I was never able to really get in there with the lids and all their nooks, crannies, grooves, and gaskets. I’d soak them in dish soap, citric acid, or even bleach, and I’d scrub them with our bottle brushes and my favorite OXO detail cleaning brush, but I never felt like I really got into all those hiding spots for bacteria and mold — and, honestly, it grossed me out.

But thankfully, I recently came across a tool that addressed this very issue, and I was thrilled. A 3-in-1 bottle brush designed to fit into the exact tricky spots I was concerned about? Add to cart, please. I couldn’t wait to try it out. 

And when I did, I was not disappointed. Aptly called the Tiny Multi-Functional Crevice Cleaning Brush, the tool comes with two brushes. One has longer, straight bristles that are perfect for reaching into the deeper crevices around flip-top lids and other flat, narrow nooks. The other is a small, looped brush with bristles all around the tines, like a more traditional water bottle brush. This brush is stiffer than those meant for straws, and it’s absolute perfection for cleaning the threads for screwing on water bottle lids and other similar spaces. It’s also ideal for reaching into smaller openings that are hard to scrub efficiently with other methods. Here’s a video of me using it so you can see just how it works. 

In addition to the two brushes, the tool includes a hard plastic pointed stick that is perfect for pulling up gaskets so that the spaces under them can be thoroughly cleaned. The stick can also be used to scrape out crevices that collect dirt over time. This bottle brush tool leaves no space unturned, no area unscrubbed, and I am in love with it. And although we’re past this phase in life, I think this tool would also be great for washing nursing bottles, which are notoriously difficult to clean.

Knowing that the parts of the water bottle that are consistently in contact with the water we drink are thoroughly clean now means I don’t have to worry that we’re inadvertently imbibing bacteria and mold. Hence, this tiny but mighty tool not only cleans our water bottles better than anything else I’ve tried, but it also gives me peace of mind too. Win-win!

Buy: Tiny Multi-Functional Crevice Cleaning Brush, $5.29