7 Kitchen Essentials for Making Bryant Terry’s “Vegetable Kingdom” Recipes — Plus Where to Buy Them

updated Jul 9, 2020
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Bryant Terry's Vegetable Kingdom opened up to millet salad
Credit: Joe Lingeman

This month’s Cookbook Club pick, Bryant Terry’s Vegetable Kingdom, couldn’t have come at a better time. We’re going deep on vegetables in July, and his latest cookbook quite literally is the ultimate celebration of vegetables in all forms, shapes, and sizes. The recipes will help you turn your summer bounty into wildly creative (and delicious) dishes.

But before you start trying the recipes, you’re going to need the right kitchen equipment. To help you out, we’ve rounded up seven of Terry’s favorite kitchen tools, along with our own recommendations for each. Once you have all your gear, pick up the cookbook and try a new recipe or two! Then share your comments in our Cookbook Club Facebook group or post a photo of your dish on Instagram, with a short review of the recipe in the caption, and use our #kitchncookbookclub hashtag to be featured on our Cookbook Club hub page. Happy cooking!

1. Cast Iron Skillet

“If I had to choose one skillet to cook in for the rest of my life, it would be a cast iron skillet,” says Terry in his book. “They last a lifetime, and they are often passed down from generation to generation.”

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Credit: KitchenAid

2. Food Processor

According to Terry, a blender doesn’t do the same job as a food processor. “They can perform similar functions,” he says, “but there are some items that need to be chopped coarsely without being pulverized and a food processor will make it easier to do so.”

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3. Metal Spider

From pulling vegetables out of boiling water when blanching to lifting food from fat when deep-frying to scooping up hot, cooked pasta, a metal spider is Terry’s kitchen essential. “I like the old-school kind with bamboo handles,” he adds.

Kitchn Recommends: Helen Chen Steel Spider, $12

4. Spice Grinder

“There is nothing like freshly ground toasted spices to add life to your dishes,” Terry notes in his book. Sure, you could use a coffee grinder on your spices as well, but Terry recommends getting a separate one to avoid corrupting flavors. “Buy one with a removable bowl to make it easier to clean,” he adds.

Kitchn Recommends: Krups Coffee/Spice Grinder, $30

Credit: Amazon

5. High-Power Blender

If you plan on making Terry’s silky-smooth soups, sauces, and creams, you’ll need a high-powered blender to help get the job done. “If you have been thinking about springing for a Vitamix, this might be a good opportunity to do so,” notes Terry. But he also adds that there are plenty of high-powered options at a lower price point that work just as well. If you’re looking for recommendations, read our roundup of the best blenders you can shop.

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6. Charcoal Grill

Since a number of the book’s recipes (like his famous ash-roasted sweet potatoes!) require grilling, Terry recommends investing in a good grill and opting for charcoal over briquettes: “They contain chemicals that you don’t want near your food.” One-hundred percent agree!

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7. Pickling/Canning/Fermentation Supplies

Although the book mostly has pickling recipes, Terry does recommend stocking up on a supply of canning jars and lids in various sizes and fermentation weights and fermentation crocks for when you want to take your game to the next level.

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