Brownies Go Boo! With Spider Web Frosting

(Image credit: Lauren Volo)

Frosted brownies are highly underrated. Whether a thick or thin coating, frosting elevates brownies from simple treat to legitimate dessert fare. While this brownie upgrade requires two different frostings, the technique for these festive brownies is an easy three-step trick.

First, Bake the Brownies

Start with a pan of your favorite brownies baked and cooled before frosting. Below is our recipe for homemade chewy brownies, but your favorite box of brownies works just as well (here’s
brownie for one, we’ve got you covered there as well.

The base recipe: How To Make Chewy Brownies

How to Make Spider Web Frosted Brownies

You’ll also need a small batch of chocolate and vanilla frosting. (This is a great use of store-bought frosting.) You can also use the small-batch frosting recipes found in our single-serve chocolate cupcake and our single-serve vanilla cupcake. Both are near perfect amounts for frosting one batch of brownies.

First spread a layer of chocolate frosting onto cooled and cut brownies. Then pipe on a thin line of vanilla frosting into a loose swirl onto each brownie (it should look similar to Kitchn’s logo). Then drag a toothpick out from the center of each brownie to create the spider web effect.