Brownie Sundae Nutella Cupcakes Combine the Best Things in Life

(Image credit: Esther Holden)

The Internet is a beautiful place. We can thank it for giving creative geniuses a platform to share their culinary masterpieces. Masterpieces like these brownie sundae Nutella cupcakes.

Faith, our executive editor, was recently a judge for the 2015 Cupcake Project + Cuisinart Ice Cream Cupcake Contest, and these brownie sundae Nutella cupcakes beat the stiff competition.

There are a few different parts to assemble before you can put these cupcakes together, but you can make use of store-bought convenience items — like boxed brownie mix, ice cream cones, frozen custard, and Nutella — to help streamline the process.

Follow the recipe for these truly decadent, inventive cupcakes that combine life’s greatest sweet treats.

Get the Recipe: Brownie Sundae Nutella Cupcakes from The Bakers Party Shop