Brownie Philosophy: Chewy, Cakey or Fudgy?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

I’ve had a lot of pumpkin desserts in the past few days. And don’t get me wrong, this is a good thing. But in between now and Thanksgiving, I generally find myself turning towards chocolate and fruit-based sweets. And the first obvious choice: brownies.

When it comes to brownies, there are generally three camps of folks: chewy, cakey or fudgy. Chewy brownie aficionados like a slightly gooey brownie but one with enough structure so it doesn’t seem as dense as, say, a truffle. This is usually achieved by adding more all-purpose flour and whole eggs. Folks who like cakey brownies like an airier interior. They’re made with batter that contains less butter and often have an added chemical leavener (like baking soda, for example). Last, fudgy brownie lovers go for a deep, dark, dense, moist brownie. They generally contain a higher percentage of chocolate and more eggs, and often have a longer shelf live than a cakey brownie.

So in thinking about which recipe you turn to when a brownie craving strikes, what’s your brownie philosophy? Are you a fan of chewy, cakey or fudgy brownies?

(Image: Megan Gordon)