Brown Butter Makes Everything Better (Including These Pumpkin Rolls)

(Image credit: Michelle Lopez)

With the holidays coming up, you may want to expand your repertoire of impressive, indulgent breakfast recipes. Recipes that will put even the crankiest visitors (I’m looking at you, jet-lagged relatives) in a festive mood.

If you pull a batch of these brown butter pumpkin rolls out of the oven, you’ll be golden.

A quick note: You can’t whip these rolls up at a moment’s notice; they require a bit of proofing and rising time. But they are so worth it.

You fill the pumpkin dough with brown butter; dark brown sugar; and warm spices, like cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, clove, and allspice. Once the rolls are finished baking, pour the vanilla bean crème fraîche glaze over top.

No one will be able to resist one of these warm, sweet treats. Not even your grumpy aunt Marjorie.