Brown Butter Ghee in a Jar

Ghee — the clarified butter perhaps most widely known and used in Indian cooking — is a wonderful cooking fat. It’s shelf-stable and adds all the deliciousness of butter at a higher smoke point. I love cooking with ghee, so I sat up and paid attention when one of our editors, Christine, brought in this small-batch, cultured ghee with the taste of brown butter. Hel-lo!

Here’s what Christine says about this good stuff:

Brown butter adds amazing flavor to both savory and sweet foods, and while it’s not hard to make, it is an additional step when cooking. If you’re looking for a high-quality shortcut, give this premade brown butter from Tin Star Foods a try. I’m not going to lie to you that it’s a splurge, but it is made from grass-fed, cultured butter — and it’s absolutely delicious. They also have plain ghee available too, and both products are lactose- and casein-free.

I’m not yet into the whole butter-in-coffee thing, but let’s be honest: if you are going to try it, this is the way to go.