Brown Bag Thursday: What’s In Your Desk?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Look under your file folders, next to the stapler, or in your bottom desk drawer on top of, say, last year’s annual report. What are you eating at work and where are you hiding it?

One reader wrote in to tell us she’s been to busy at work to stop for a full brown bag lunch. Instead she snacks on food she keeps in her desk drawers. Another reader asked me for recommendations on good desk food. Help!

We’re on a hunt for food that will be happy to hang out in a desk drawer for a while. Seems it has to be something that won’t be too aromatic, attracting attention or alarm from co-workers. Finger food would be great. We’re interested to see if the food will be healthy (home made granola!) or is it really Snickers that satisfies best for that afternoon snack?

There’s something funny about the juxtaposition of it all: paper clips, chapstick, tangerines. So we want to see pictures of your food drawer too. Snap a picture of your office snacks in situ and post them on Flickr, tagged with “deskfood” and “atkitchen.”

Me? I’ve got a half eaten pack of almonds, two clementines, pink Bubble Yum (bad habit, I know) and a limoncello cake I snagged from a gift basket last week and keep meaning to bring home. Tell us your desk food picks.