This Ridiculously Versatile $35 Tool Will Keep Your Carpets, Floors, Tiles, and Windows Spotless

published Mar 3, 2023
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Broombi Amazon
Credit: Broombi

As a shopping editor, I’m always on the lookout for new and exciting products. My favorite place to spot a new find? In the wild at a friend’s house. There’s nothing that excites me more than experiencing a, “What is that?” moment at a friend’s home — except maybe when they tee it up for me. Let me explain: A while back, while staying at my friend’s house for the weekend, I found myself sprawled out on her couch cuddling her cat when she walked into the room and asked, “Do you want to see something amazing?” After a slightly confused nod from me, she went into her front closet, pulled out the weirdest looking broom I had ever seen, and began sweeping … her carpet. Yes, dear reader, I thought my friend had finally lost it. Thankfully, there was a method to her madness, because to my horror shock, I began to see all the pet hair she pulled up with this broom-like contraption. “What the heck is that thing?” I asked. That “thing” was the Broombi.

Lightweight, adjustable, and featuring a patented quad-blade design, the Broombi uses a unique silicone edge that creates static electricity to attract dust, hair, dirt, and debris for the most efficient cleanup around. Once more, when tackling wet messes, it turns into a squeegee of sorts, cleaning up spills and gooey surfaces with ease. In fact, you can even use this bad boy on your windows, a dream for anyone with bay windows or French doors. Best of all, the Broombi is super easy to clean: Simply rinse the blade after each use and you’re set — no build-up or dirty bristles here.

Credit: Amazon

After seeing how incredibly it picked up hair from the carpet, I asked my friend to show me what else it could do. Boy, she didn’t disappoint. She went from room to room, telling me about all the different ways she uses it. From simple sweeping when things get dirty to cleaning up spills in the kitchen to wiping down her shower doors, it seems she uses this broom everywhere. I was so impressed — and it seems shoppers are, too, with one Amazon customer seemingly in the same boat as my friend, writing, “Okay, short of making an infomercial for this product, I have shown everyone who has come through my doors, this Broombi. I can’t help it. It is so awesome. I use it all the time and once I start, I can’t stop sweeping. It sounds crazy but this thing really works!” Another went on to say, “So, we were skeptical at first about this product, but boy were we wrong! We absolutely love it!!! This broom picks up so much more dirt and hair than your average broom. We love it and highly recommend it!”

Available in either black or gray, the Broombi comes in at just $35. So, whether you’re looking for a fun gadget that’ll cut down on your cleaning time or simply are in the market for one of the best brooms around, give this one a try. You may just find yourself showing it off to your friends, too!

Buy: Broombi Broom, $34.95