This Tiny $18 Gadget Works as a Mini Broom, Lint Brush, and Squeegee and Will Keep Your Space Looking Spotless

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A few weeks ago our commerce SEO editor Sarah Vazquez shared an intriguing discovery: a broom that cleans your floors like a big squeegee. We had never seen anything like it, and if it sounds a little odd to you, you’re not alone. Sarah was also skeptical until she saw her friend use it to sweep her carpet and pick up a surprising amount of dirt and pet hair. Who knew you could use a squeegee on carpet?

That tool is called a Broombi and it tackles wet and dry messes by pulling them up and across the floor so they can be scooped or soaked up. Its secret is its silicone blade, which creates an unbroken connection with surfaces so no particles or puddles can pass through it. The clever blade design works on hard floors and soft rugs and carpets, and it’s so brilliant, we wondered if it might be available in a smaller size. Lo and behold, a mini Broombi does exist, and it does everything we hoped it would.

This handheld silicone squeegee is an incredibly useful tool for wiping up countertop messes, combing dust and hair out of upholstered furniture, and making your windows sparkle with streak-free cleanliness. If you’re taking it to a table, counter, or window, you can use it in conjunction with your favorite cleaning spray. On its own, it’s the most effective crumb sweeper (even better than the little metal ones that waiters use in high-end restaurants), and it’s exactly what you want to push water droplets off your kitchen counter when you’re done doing the dishes.

We rarely find cleaning tools that work in the kitchen and the living room, so you’ll have to pardon us for being so excited about a literal squeegee. But being able to dust off your sofa or armchair, then head into the other room to wipe down your countertops, then give your windows a professional cleaning, all with the same tool? That’s amazing! We just love how simple and versatile this thing is, and based on how well the full-size Broombi performs, we’re confident this will be equally game-changing for your cleaning routine.

Add this ingenious multi-surface cleaning device to your supplies and discover how convenient it really is. We suspect it will come in handy in even more ways than we can imagine — give it a try to find out!