I Tried This Constantly Sold Out $60 Cleaning Set and It’s Totally Worth the Hype

published Nov 14, 2023
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As a member of The Kitchn’s commerce team, I am constantly discovering and reading about products that will make life at home so much better. And out of the thousands of products we’ve covered, there is one in particular that stuck out to me and I couldn’t get it off my mind: the Broombi All-Surface Broom, Dustpan & Mini 3-Piece Set. Though it consists of just a simple broom, dustpan, and mini broom, it’s so versatile that shoppers swear it’s a game-changer. That’s because it can be used on floors as well as carpets to clean up fur, crumbs, and wet messes, and both the large and mini brooms also function as squeegees for cleaning mirrors, windows, and countertops. Not surprisingly, this set keeps selling out, which made me even more convinced that I needed it too. And after finally purchasing it for myself, I can confirm that the hype for this ingenious trio is very real.

What Is the Broombi All-Surface Broom, Dustpan & Mini 3-Piece Set

The Broombi 3-piece set, which comes in grey, black, and teal, includes all of the essential tools you need to keep your home tidy: a broom, dustpan, and mini broom. The broom has a telescope handle that can be adjusted to clean hard-to-reach spots (a lifesaver for your back), and an angled, silicone blade that creates static electricity to collect even the finest dust particles as you sweep. Unlike traditional bristle brooms, the Broombi is designed to allow air to flow through it and prevent dust from blowing around while sweeping. Because the broom’s edge is silicone, it can also be used to clean up wet spills and squeegee glass and tiles to a streak-free shine.

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The mini broom functions like the large version and is ideal for wiping up countertop messes, combing dust and hair out of upholstered furniture, and removing lint from clothing. To clean any remaining debris from the silicone on the brooms, just give the edge a quick rinse under water, and that’s it.

Like Broombi’s brooms, the self-standing dustpan is equally innovative. Step on it once, then pull back the handle until it clicks and stays open. To close it, pull the handle back again until you hear another click, and it’ll snap shut. The dustbin’s super-slim edge allows you to effortlessly get dirt directly into it with just one sweep, and the rounded shape makes it simple to neatly empty messes into even the tiniest trashcan.

Though there are three pieces to the lightweight set, it’s actually small-space friendly, thanks to the included clip that can be attached to the broom and dustpan handles to keep them closely connected for easy storage.

Why I Love the Broombi All-Surface Broom, Dustpan & Mini 3-Piece Set

So far, I have been using Broombi’s large broom to clean my floors and rug, and the mini to squeegee my bathroom mirror and sweep crumbs off my kitchen counter. In every instance, it has blown me away with its simplicity and effectiveness. I’ve been especially impressed by how it has made sweeping and picking up small spills so much more efficient than a traditional bristle broom.

Credit: Mark Marino

For example, when I first got the Broombi, I accidentally spilled some Grape Nuts cereal on my kitchen floor. With just two swipes of the broom, all of the cereal was gathered together, and with one more swipe every single tiny bit made it into the dustpan. That’s what’s really wowed me about this set: When I sweep my bathroom and kitchen floors, the broom picks up crumbs, hair, and a shocking amount of dust swiftly without spreading it around, and everything makes it into the dustpan with barely a speck left behind. It takes me much less time and energy to sweep, and the best part is that I never have to bend over to clean up (a blessing after my recent back surgery), because I just step on the dustbin to open and close it.

Credit: Mark Marino

The mini broom has done a spectacular job at keeping my bathroom mirror sparkling, and I plan to use it to clean my windows soon as well. I love that this set is so versatile, and it actually gets me excited to clean because it’s so much faster and never feels like work. And the fact that the set can be easily stashed away without taking up much space in my tiny apartment is just icing on the cake.

If you’re looking to streamline your cleaning supplies and your cleaning routine, the Broombi All-Surface Broom, Dustpan & Mini 3-Piece Set is for you. But you better get yours before it sells out again.

Buy: Broombi All-Surface Broom, Dustpan & Mini 3-Piece Set, $59.98 (normally $73.50)

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