This Versatile, Constantly Sold Out Tool Keeps Carpets, Tiles, Floors, and Windows Spotless — and It’s on Sale Right Now

published Oct 2, 2023
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Credit: Joe Lingeman

Just a few months ago, I was finally able to get a full-size vacuum for my new apartment. It was a long time coming — years of studio living and not having enough space for anything larger than a hand vac finally came to an end. Let me just say, it’s been a major luxury to tackle my floors with a vac mop (which you can read more about in my review) and actually leave them sparkling. But I’ve also come to realize that, when you have a multi-room space and several roommates, you really can’t have too many cleaning products on hand.

Living with two other roommates means there’s triple the mess that I’m used to dealing with, and while some of them require the more heavy-duty vac, others call for a broom instead. That’s where the editor-loved Broombi comes in, and trust me, you’ve never seen a broom quite like this one before. And even better news, the brand’s three-piece set is on sale at QVC right now — but make sure to get it before it sells out again!

What is the Broombi All-Surface Cleaning Broom, Dustpan & Mini 3 Piece Set?

Commerce SEO editor Sarah first came across this unusual broom in a friend’s apartment and was shocked at just how many tasks it could perform.“From simple sweeping when things get dirty to cleaning up spills in the kitchen to wiping down her shower doors, it seems she uses this broom everywhere,” Sarah wrote after asking her friend to demonstrate how it worked. It even swept up pet hair from her carpet and wiped down her windows, too! Needless to say, the Broombi surpassed her expectations. 

As I’m sure anyone who’s ever owned an overly hefty vac knows, the more maneuverable a cleaning tool is, the better — and this set even comes with a mini broom in addition to the full size. The regular Broombi is lightweight and adjustable, so getting into tight areas isn’t difficult at all, and the silicone blade design makes it suited to picking up debris, hair, and more. The silicone edge also means that it doubles as a squeegee for getting rid of messes on glass. The material also makes the blade easy to rinse off, so it’s as good as new the next time you need to pull it out again.

Credit: QVC

What QVC Reviewers are Saying

Average Rating: 4.1/5

“We love this broom, so much I have ordered a second bundle today. This is the best broom we have ever owned. There are 4 dogs in our household, and we sweep our hard wood floors daily. Thanks to the broombi, it is a much easier job and does a better job than our Dyson.” — ToniandJohn

“I would definitely recommend the Broombi broom and dust pan for anybody who wants to quickly clean up a mess. The broom’s efficiency never disappoints and always picks up the smallest dust particles. It easily sweeps away everything in its way and is especially great for pet owners like my family.” — Cookiedad

“I recently tried out the Broombi broom and dust pan, and I’m seriously impressed. The broom’s lightweight design and comfortable grip made it easy to maneuver around tight corners and under furniture. The dust pan’s wide mouth and secure attachment to the broom made cleanup a breeze. This set has definitely made cleaning less of a hassle for me.” — JasonLeee

You’ll likely be using this device just as frequently (if not more) than your vacuum. It picks up way more than a traditional broom, so you’ll be tossing your old one out after your first test run. The clock is ticking, though — the sale only runs for a limited time, and we’re betting that it’ll sell out fast.