Cold and Frosty Pint: Brooklyn Summer Ale

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Here is just one more reason we’re going to be sad to see summer go this year: Brooklyn Summer Ale. It’s a new discovery for us, and now we are totally in love with this beer.

Brooklyn Brewery is located in (where else?) Brooklyn, and they are very highly regarded as a craft brewery. They have a range of beers that are available year-round, and then they also have a few seasonal varieties. The Summer Ale is one of them.

The first time we tried this we were at a favorite local cafe, and the cashier highly recommended it. We like dark beers normally, but we gave it a try. It turned out to be so light, floral, and almost herbal in taste that we went back for it again and again! It pairs very nicely with summer vegetables, fish, and chicken, with just a slight bitter edge at the finish that keeps it from going down too smoothly. It also only has 4.5% alcohol content, which makes it a nice weeknight drink with dinner.

It tunrs out that this ale is really a new name and packaging for a beer called Post Road Light Dinner Ale, which Brooklyn Brewery acquired. It’s a good example of what Brooklyn calls “light dinner ales” that were popular in England through the last two centuries. They are also called “luncheon ales” or “family ales” because they are light and refreshing without too high of an alcohol content.

The malt flavors are very crisp and delicate in this beer, with the floral and citrus notes that really made it a treat for us. The hops give it just an edge of bitterness.

Do you know this beer? We like it a lot – look for it before it’s gone this summer.

• See this beer at Brooklyn Brewery’s website: Brooklyn Summer Ale