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This Gourmet Mustard Is the Most Delicious Condiment in My Fridge

published Sep 30, 2022
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I hate to admit it, but recently, I’ve been in a cooking slump. Ever since I moved to NYC, there just never seems to be enough time in the day to chef it up — not to mention how hard it is to cart groceries home. Hence, I confess, I’ve eased up on the multicomponent grain bowls, marinated skewers, and tamales, and found myself depending a little more heavily on pasta, sandwiches, and soups. Don’t get me wrong: On a brisk fall evening, there’s almost nothing better than a dependable and comforting meal to finish off a long day. But, one can only eat a turkey sandwich so many times before it starts to feel a little … bleh, if you know what I mean.

It wasn’t until I discovered what Brooklyn Delhi had to offer that I got more exciting about the OG staples I had been relying on. Founded by chef and cookbook author Chitra Agrawal, the innovative company works to produce Indian staples and condiments with an American twist. Everything from the brand’s simmer sauces to achaars and chutneys have been my secret weapons to easy, scrumptious, low-maintenance WFH lunches and weeknight dinners. My favorite jar from Brooklyn Delhi’s line? Their curry mustard.

The versatile stuff is made by brining and grinding mustard seeds until they’re silky and creamy. Then, the mustard is folded into their seven-spice curry powder and other flavor components, such as tamarind and garlic until the mixture is a balanced concoction of sweet, tangy, and spicy. Every jar of the flavor-bursting condiment is crafted with wholesome ingredients, free of any preservatives or fillers, and is handmade in small batches. The result? A mustard that’s complex, a teeny bit spicy, nuanced, and unexpected — it adds a true zing to whatever you use it on.

I think the go-to use for this would be meats. (Think: brats, hot dogs, sausages, etc.) But I love using it as a crust on salmon, mixing it with mayo, and folding it into tuna or shredded chicken for a curry-salad sandwich. I’ve also found myself using it in marinades, salad dressings, and rubs. And, I’ve dumped a big ol’ glob of the stuff on a cheese board (boy, is it good with grapes and cheese) and happily spread it across slices of toasted bread for an elevated sando. It makes for a delightful dipping sauce for pretzels, potato wedges, or fries — yes, a recent dinner of mine was, in fact, a big bowl of fries dipped in the curry mustard. Hey, don’t knock it til you try it!

What I’m getting at here is that this scrumptious stuff is no-brainer addition to anything in need of a little extra oomph. In fact, as the weather has been cooling down, I find the curry mustard is even helping me fend off the seasonal blues. After all, how could you come home with a frown when you know you’re about to chow down on something totally delicious?