Broccoli Pesto to Lamb Ragù: 15 Ways to Enjoy Pasta

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What would we ever do without pasta? When it comes to quick, simple dinners, pasta reigns in my household. (My husband’s family is Italian, which also has something to do with this; pasta is one of the major food groups around here.) Here’s a look back at some of our best pasta recipes, with an emphasis on sauces. Some of my own personal favorites are here: A pesto sauce made with steamed broccoli and feta, and a rich, creamy wild mushroom ragù that is nevertheless quite light and cream-free. There’s a meaty lamb sauce, and mint pesto for spring. Read on, then share your own favorite pasta sauce for springtime!

• 1 Velvety Broccoli and Feta Pasta – Broccoli goes pesto in this quick, deceptively creamy pasta sauce.
• 2 One-Pot Pasta e Fagioli – Hearty beans and pasta cooked together.
• 3 Pasta with Mint Pesto, Peas and Ricotta Salata – Perfect for spring.
• 4 Southwest Skillet Ragu – What Hamburger Helper only dreams it could be.
• 5 Rich and Meaty Lamb Ragù – When lamb goes on sale the day after Easter, buy some and make this.

• 6 Rich No-Cream Wild Mushroom Pasta Sauce – A creamy sauce that depends on a roux instead of cream.
• 7 Lemony Ricotta Pasta with Basil – Creamy and lemony.
• 8 One-Bowl Microwave Macaroni and Cheese – So much better than Kraft.
• 9 Peppery Whole Wheat Pasta with Wilted Chard – Pasta with mushrooms, chard, and plenty of pepper.
• 10 Slow-Cooked Bolognese Sauce – Nothing beats that slow-cooked, meaty taste.

• 11 Pasta with Butternut Squash, Sage, and Pine Nuts – This is best when the pasta is really browned in the pan.
• 12 A Simple Duck Ragu – Why should beef get all the fun? Duck ragu is delicious too!
• 13 Marcella Hazan’s Famous Tomato Sauce – A classic marinara sauce, amazingly simple.
• 14 Make a Free-Form Pasta Casserole – How to make a pasta casserole from anything.
• 15 Goat Cheese and Swiss Chard Pasta Casserole – A lovely dish for spring.

Are you cooking pasta this week? What are you doing with it?

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