10 of England’s Most Scrummiest Nibbles

(Image credit: The Kitchn)

Every country has its own particular foods, and you can get as much of a local sampling by hitting the grocery store as you can from a street food vendor. I haven’t been to London in almost 10 years, but I remember the thrill of discovering that “crisps” were potato chips — and that they came in an array of flavors I’d never heard of before.

These days, you obviously don’t even have to take a flight if you want to try out the fun snacks from any given country. (Thanks, internet!) With that — and the royal wedding — in mind, I reached out to my friends here and across the pond to see what British snacks we should all be buying online. Order them today and enjoy them during the royal wedding or while the happy couple is off on their honeymoon.

  1. McVitie’s Hobnobs, $4.50 for 10.5 ounces at Jet: Crunchy oat and wholemeal biscuits, the Brits like to dip these in tea or coffee. They’ll melt in your mouth and are truly irresistible.
  2. McVitie’s Jaffa Cakes, $5 for 12: Like Oreos, people have “many peculiar ways” to eat these light sponge cakes with a layer of chocolate, says my British friend George. The most famous method is known as the half-moon technique, when the cake is eaten in two bites.
  3. Walkers Crisps, $10 for 22 bags at British Corner Shop: Remember, crisps means potato chips. This pack includes two Brit favorites: Prawn Cocktail, and Cheese and Onion.
  4. Jacob’s Twiglets, $6.50 for six packs: I think these are like … pretzels? They come highly recommended — and the description lauds their “Marmite-like taste,” achieved by using “yeast extract.” I’m still confused, but I hear they’re delicious.
  5. Cadbury Chocolates, $5 for 3.5 ounces at English Tea Store: Multiple sources confirm Brits do not like Hershey’s chocolate. And you won’t either once you try this classic candy.
  6. Aero Mint Chocolates, $7 for a 4.23-ounce bar at Jet: These chocolate bars have a green bubbly, minty center that sounds weird to most Americans but Brits swear by it.
  7. Maltesers, $14 for two 12.7-ounce boxes: Mar’s actually brought its bite-sized malt balls to the United States in 2017 to compete with Hershey’s Whoppers. Maltesers are larger and slightly less dense than Whoppers and many say the chocolate is flat-out better.
  8. Rowntree’s Fruit Pastilles, $10 for pack of 12: These are fruit-flavored candies covered in sugar. They’re kind of like squished gum drops but with a more natural flavor. Yum.
  9. Duffy’s Crumpets, $25 for six packs at Jet: Ideally, you’re supposed to toast these first. Then you can eat them plain; slather them with jam, peanut butter, or honey; or use them to make eggs Benedict or pizza. So many options!
  10. Bassett’s Allsorts, $5: They’re called “allsorts” because all sorts of black liquorice candies are included in the mix. Get it?

What else should be added to this list? Leave your suggestions in the comments below!

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