7 Super-Popular British Cleaning Products That Aren’t Big in the U.S. — Yet!

published Mar 29, 2021
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No matter what it is you’re looking to clean, it’s not hard to find an effective (and often, dedicated) product to do the job. Sometimes, finding your new heroic cleaning product is as simple as taking a quick stroll through a store aisle or, these days, a quick scroll through Amazon. To broaden your horizons even more, why not venture overseas? 

OK, you probably shouldn’t do that, but you can up your cleaning game by including lesser-known-in-the-States products that have loyal followings — just not here.

Not sure where to start? We scoured Reddit and social media to find some of the most beloved British cleaning tools we wish we had here, too. (And great news: Some of them you can find online!)

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1. The Pink Stuff

The Pink Stuff — the fan favorite multi-purpose cleaning paste — has more than 25,000 reviews on Amazon, with a five-star average rating. TikTokers love it, too: one viral video shows someone using Pink Stuff to wipe pencil marks from a beat-up wooden door, a lot like a Magic Eraser. The magic of Pink Stuff is that it’s powerful enough to remove the toughest stains but gentle on surfaces. You can use it on cookware, tile, stovetops, and even glass. Good news: You can get Pink Stuff on Amazon for around $10.

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2. Viakal Spray

For evidence of hard water on stainless steel faucets or sinks, British Redditors swear by Viakal Spray. Apparently, it’s as easy as spraying, allowing a few minutes of dwell time, then wiping down with a damp microfiber cloth. British cleaning influencer Mrs. Hinch uses it to remove watermarks and limescale from the inside of her bathtub, and you can also use it on glass shower doors.

“This stuff is amazing. I’ve tried other cleaners and vinegar but nothing works as well on stainless steel,” writes one enthusiastic Redditor. “Every cleaner I’ve had over the years has insisted we buy this stuff and I can see why!” 

Viakal is available on Amazon, but you might pay a premium for it, depending on what seller has it in stock. Or you can swap it for a similar limescale remover like CLR or Lime Away.

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3. 1001 Carpet Fresh

Another Mrs. Hinch favorite is 1001 Carpet Fresh, a spray that removes odors from carpet and upholstery. She recommends vacuuming (and/or squeegeeing, if you have pets who shed) first, then spraying with your favorite Carpet Fresh scent. No need to vacuum up the foam afterward, unlike with traditional powder carpet fresheners. 

1001 Carpet Fresh is not currently available in the U.S., but Carpet Fresh — similar name, no relation — has great reviews on Amazon.

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4. HG Mould Spray 

If you’ve tried the likes of bleach, hydrogen peroxide, and every other bathroom cleaner you can get your hands on for staving off mold from bath caulk or tile, look no further than HG Mould Spray — a British product that removes and helps prevent the regrowth of mold just on home surfaces. Redditors love this product for pesky mold residue that won’t respond to other cleaners, and that it somehow produces incredible results with minimal (or no!) scrubbing. 

U.S. shipping isn’t available on Amazon, but you can look for a product that contains the same active ingredients: bleach (which removes discoloration) and lye (which kills the mold). One Redditor suggests Mold Armor Mold and Mildew Killer

Credit: The Range

5. Flash Liquid Bathroom Cleaner

To banish soap scum and dirt from a bath, toilet, sink, or shower, many Brits (including Mrs. Hinch!) swear by Flash Liquid Bathroom Cleaner. Bonus: On top of effectively removing existing soap scum, it works double-time by creating a coating on bathroom surfaces to prevent future buildup. Plus, it apparently works just as effectively in cold water as it does hot. 

According to reviews, Flash Liquid Bathroom Cleaner is usually sold out online and in stores, but unfortunately, it’s not available in the U.S. One blogger recommends Lysol or Kaboom as a replacement.

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6. Ozmo Fridge and Microwave Cleaner

Most disinfectants don’t actually clean, and vice versa.  Ozmo Fridge and Microwave Cleaner, a 3-in-1 spray, is touted for doing both — plus it neutralizes odors. Mrs. Hinch loves it, and so do thousands of Amazon reviewers. Ozmo is safe to use in your appliances, but you can use it pretty much anywhere. You can’t buy it online stateside, but a good substitute might be a good-smelling anti-bacterial, all-purpose cleaning spray, like this one from Method.

Credit: Zoflora

7. Zoflora

Mrs. Hinch posts about this disinfectant all the time. It’s concentrated, so you dilute it in water. Add your favorite scent concentrate (there are tons) to a spray bottle and use it on any surface you want to kill germs. (According to the Zoflora website, it also disinfects SARS-CoV-2). You can buy Zoflora on Amazon, but Lysol has the same active ingredient (benzalkonium chloride, a quaternary ammonium compound) and it comes in just as many scents.

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