For the Cost of One Week’s Worth of Bottled Water, Get This Brita Filter on Sale on Amazon

updated Feb 18, 2020
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Water: we all need to be drinking more of it, but many of us still go for the convenience of grabbing a plastic bottle. If you’re trying to reduce your plastic footprint, this is a big dilemma. Luckily, today Amazon has a great deal on Brita water pitchers, including the Small 5-Cup Water Filter Pitcher in Turquoise, which costs just $14. That’s about what you’d pay for bottled water in one week if you’re in the habit of buying it every day!

The BPA-free filter can clean up to 40 gallons of tap water, equivalent to 300 16-ounce bottles of water. By now there’s a good chance you’ve invested in a reusable water bottle, so you’ll be cutting back on your plastic use and saving money.

So why not just fill up at the tap? The Brita has been shown to reduce impurities such as zinc, mercury, and chlorine, as well as other metals and chemicals commonly found in tap water. The pitcher — also BPA-free — has a comfortable handle, making it easy to pour even when it’s full. The lid features an automatic filter-change indicator, letting you know when it’s time to replace the filter for the cleanest (and tastiest) water.

The petite five-cup capacity (40 ounces) is perfect for small apartments and slim enough to fit in many refrigerator doors, freeing up valuable real estate on shelves. Trying to drink more water throughout the day? Consider keeping the Brita at your desk or workspace to help you stay hydrated. Use it as an excuse to buy a pretty new drinking glass and bring the water cooler to you!