6 Brilliant Kitchen Upgrades That You’ve Never Seen or Thought of Before

updated Sep 29, 2021
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White Kitchen
Credit: Margaret Rajic | Stocksy

I’m pretty familiar with the favorite kitchen upgrades circulating in the design and DIY world, so when something new comes across my radar, I take note.  And the more I’m on TikTok, the more notes I end up taking.

I continue to be amazed by the innovative ways people are improving their spaces on this platform. If you think TikTok is all dances and funny voice-overs, think again. The social media platform is full of small hacks and DIYs that will leave you saying “whoa.”  

Kitchen TikTok is no exception.  It’s full of simple hacks like this one that can help make your time in the kitchen more efficient and less wasteful, but it’s also stacked with clever DIY transformations that will inspire you to DIY your way into a smarter, better kitchen one small upgrade at a time.

Here are six small kitchen upgrades you haven’t thought of yet (promise!), courtesy of some innovative TikTokers.

Hidden Electrical Outlets

With more gadgets than ever — Nutribullets, Instant Pots, KitchenAid mixers, you name it — the outlet situation in some kitchens leaves much to be desired, but Nareg (@naroceramic) shows how to fully stock your kitchen with outlets while keeping it chic in this TikTok.

Under-Cabinet Vacuum

Dani Diamond is a fashion photographer, but he’s also got a great shot at being a DIY influencer if this TikTok is any indication of his skills. He installed a vacuum cleaner under his kitchen cabinets so that he can sweep his messes right into them, then plugged the vacuum into a smart outlet so he can turn it on through his Google Home. This is a true clean-up game-changer.

Temporary Under-Cabinet Lighting

Liz Lovery shows how she upgraded her rental kitchen with a $19 Amazon find in this TikTok.  The under-cabinet lighting elevates her kitchen, while the remote control allows her to change colors to control the mood.

A Fridge That Looks Like Built-Ins

I’ve seen outdated refrigerators covered with contact paper or removable wallpaper, but have you ever seen a full-on DIY cabinet refrigerator?  Elise (@mypaintingpants) documented how she transformed her regular fridge from meh to mega-cute in this TikTok as well as in this reveal.

Easy Custom Kitchen Island

Karina (@meikasa) transformed her builder-grade island into a high-end centerpiece by adding base and panel molding as well as a coat of fresh white paint. She documents her process in this TikTok — and the results look like they could have been made by a custom cabinet company.

Space-Saving Spice Rack

You’ve seen spice racks on the counter, in cabinets, and in drawers — but in a drop-down organizer installed under cabinets? That’s a new one. TikToker Tyler shows his innovative scrap wood project that allowed him to save space in his cabinets while also keeping spices organized and at the ready.

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